February 26, 2020

Multiple Cloud Providers Management Made Easy with Cloudways

Cloudways is a Cloud Management Provider made easy for all your website and online application needs with CDN, Support, Backups and so much more.

Multiple Cloud Providers Management Made Easy with Cloudways

Cloudways is the all in one solution for those, whether you're individual, small business or even a medium to large business, who wants to move away from the traditional host provider to host your applications in the cloud, with the flexibility of choosing your VPS cloud provider or even using multiple providers.

Whether you need one provider or want to scale your infrastructure, Cloudways is setup and designed to make it easy to manage some of the most popular applications used on the internet which includes but not limited to Wordpress, WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal, Joomla and many others across DigitalOcean, Vultr, AWS, Google Cloud and Linode.

Hosting your own site and want to migrate to the cloud? The first site migration is free.

Cloudways makes management easy without the necessary need for a full time Devops Engineer handling the CI/CD process of managing your cloud infrastructure. You can do it all this yourself but Cloudways cuts out most of the tedious work involved for you with one click application rollout, updates and changes and control over all your hosts, whether they're located at one cloud provider or multiple providers.

Scaling hasn't been easier and the plans they provide are cost effective for any size business or even individuals running their own websites or blogs. If you've outgrown your free blog, website and or tired of shared hosting on the traditional host providers, it's time to expand your user experience with real solutions that allow you the freedom to scale, expand and provide the best website experience possible.

I'm just getting started with Cloudways and I hope to start writing more tech entries on all the things you can do with Cloudways as they also cater to the advanced user base with their own API using REST and other tools to manage websites and applications hosted.

So stick around as more articles should be on their way.